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Tables Showing Answers
to Frequently Asked Questions
By State


How do I stack up? Do we pay more than the average employer in our state?

New Employer Rates: I am a new employer. How long before I am rated? What's the rating period? When do I pay? Do I get a break because I'm a new employer?

Company Size: But I am such a small employer; How big do I really have to be to pay this tax?

Independent Contractors: But these aren't my "employees". They are independent contractors. Do I still have to bother with this tax?

Tax Exempt: So who do I NOT have to pay the tax on?

Tax Rating Systems: How do they figure out what tax rate I have to pay?

What's a "Benefit Ratio?"
What's a "Reserve Ratio?"
What's a "Benefit Wage Ratio?"
What's a "Payroll Decline?"

Voluntary Contributions: I heard that you can pay a little extra and get a better rate. Is this true?
How much time do they give me to submit my Voluntary Contribution?

Wage Base: What is a Taxable Wage Base?

Misconduct Charged: Wait a minute! I fought this claim and proved misconduct. So why is this guy collecting now, and why am I getting charged for him?

Strikers Charged: Do you actually mean to tell me that I have to pay Unemployment on these guys when they went out on strike? This is outrageous!

Innumerable Add-Ons: What are all these other weird little taxes with oddball names that come and go on my rate notice from year to year? Why do they show up? What are they all for, anyway?


Work Search Requirements: But don't you at least have to be looking for a job before you can collect Unemployment?

Benefit Year: What is a Benefit Year? Is that the same as Base Period?

Benefit Amount: How much does someone have to earn before they can collect?

Work Requirements: How long does someone have to work before they can collect?

Voluntary Quits Collect: Do you mean to tell me that someone can actually quit work on purpose and still collect unemployment?


Why Even Bother? It seems like nobody ever gets turned down for Unemployment, regardless what I do.

Denial rates for separation issues by state
Denial rates for non-separation issues by state

Appeal Time Limits: I lost my case. How long do I have to appeal? Where do I go? Can I appeal more than once?

Appeal Time Limits: I lost my appeal. Where do I go next? How long do I have?


What this costs: What percent of wages goes into Unemployment taxes?

What about this FUTA I pay? Where does all that money go? How come I never see it again?

Liability for Charges: Who gets charged for a claim?

Base Period: What is a Base Period?

How do they figure the Base Period?

Benefit Amounts: How much should I be charged for someone who collects?

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